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Janssenís Cosmeceutical

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Myrtilla Red Facial Therapy
A hydrating and soothing therapy designed to meet the requirements of sensitive, stressed and aging skin. Strengthens capillary blood vessels, sooths redness and irritation. Leaves skin smooth and supple.

Botanica White Facial Therapy
A powerful combination of plant extracts with whitening, hydrating and anti aging effect. Immediate and visible results. Brightens skin complexion, leaving skin young and radiant.

Acerola & Vitamin C Facial Therapy
This anti wrinkle rejuvenating therapy is especially designed to meet the requirements of mature skin. The high Vitamin C content and hydrochytosan or caviar extracts combat free radicals, stimulate collagen production, hydrate, and remineralise. Leaves skin nourished, smooth and satin soft.

Oryza Yellow Eye Contour Therapy
An ultra hydrating therapy for the sensitive area around the eyes. Reduces puffiness, smoothes wrinkles. Ceramide borech oil eye contour capsules nourish and refine.

Integral Face And Eye Contour Session
An integral therapy, combining facial and eye contour care. Massage with a bioactive ampoule and face lifting mask according to the individual skin problem. Nourishing and wrinkle refining ceramide borech oil eye contour capsules and the unique cooling sensation of a puffiness reducing and wrinkle smoothing eye contour mask.